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My Approach To Live

When I was 19 years old, I had this feeling inside me that I will work in the future on the Internet. It was the end of 1997. I knew that in order to fully take advantage of this new phenomenon, I had to know English. But oh boy, I was so bad at it. I failed almost every single year in high school because of it, then at the University as well. However, I decided to do it somehow. After doing some thinking, my only choice was to go to an English speaking country where I would be forced to learn it. And that’s what I did. I came to the USA as an AuPair and spent a wonderful year with an amazing family in the New York City suburbs. They treated me like a member of their family. I will never forget them. However, one year was just the beginning of my love affair with the language. It took me 2.5 extra years to became fairly fluent enough to apply to college.

Even though it was very hard to be far from my family, and everything that I knew and grow up with – I had a feeling within me that I cannot give up.

And now – I am not only talking, writing but as well thinking & dreaming in English and ….I work on the Internet. đŸ™‚

Everything is possible in Life – we just need to believe in it!  And this is what I want YOU to know, and what I want to help YOU with – to achieve the unbelievable!

The power is within US!

Meet Her

She is motivated, knowledgeable, but most of all the she is ALIVE
Why? How? Because she knows what she likes to do & she does it.  She can help YOU too.




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Women Power PL

Born and raised on a Polish countryside. Came to the USA to learn English as an AuPair – after graduating from University in Poland. Received BBA in Information Systems Managment in 2006 in New York City. After a one-year  as a programmer she joined a more creative field of photography and design. In 2012 Magdalena started her entrepreneurial journey and never looked back.

Now she consults, teaches, & motivates her clients how to use efficiently social media to build and grow their businesses online.

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