Go Live & Be Alive

Build authority in your niche in as little as 30 days with livestream broadcasting strategy. You don't need to fear being LIVE on video, we have a solution for that.

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Social Media Consulting

Social Media is the bread & butter of today's marketing. You cannot move without the presence on social media sites - however, it can be very time consuming and frustrating - I am here to make it efficient and effective for YOU.

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Teaching, Speaking, Inspiring

I find a true pleasure in sharing my knowledge and passing it to others, that's why I teach about social media, but as well I enjoy motivating, inspiring and the most to give a kick and wake up call to all the sleeping beauties. ūüôā hahaha

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Go Live & Crash It!

The image shows a picture of me and Maria E. Stepniewicz from Mental Quantum. Maria developed a special technique which she uses to help change people's energy. I did a LIVESTREAM VIDEO interview with her on Saturday night.

Here are few amazing facts about this LIVESTREAM:

- She did not know we are going to do it,
- She was totally unprepared,
- It was a Saturday night, 10:32 PM
- We streamed it ONLY to my Polish "Women Power PL" Closed Group,  with 750 members,
( Just to explain, in a FB closed group only  members of the group can see the content).
- We received only about 150 views
(which means about 20% of the members saw the video).
- This was not a sales video.

The Result:

Maria made $650 within 24 hours of streaming and more after that.
She received 8 messages with questions about her services = potential clients.


Next Steps...

... Go Live & Be Alive,

I will consult, lead and work with you on planning, preparing and implementing LIVESTREAM BROADCASTING to your audience, which will help you to build the know, like and trust factor very fast, leading to increase in your online presence, in positioning you as an expert in your niche, in attracting your perfect clients and customers really fast.